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Why Therapy?

Did you ever have a bad day, then reach out to your friends, family, or spouse...only to find out they're either too busy to call you back, critical of how you behaved or complain to you about their own problems without any insight to your own concerns? Well, if you answered yes, that's why. Loved ones are great support systems and are needed however therapy offers more skill and training, which can give you the freedom of knowing you are heard and offers privacy.

So many people have judgments about therapy. People tend to think, "Oh no. I'm not doing that. She's going to try to figure me out." Often times individuals make quick decisions without thought to the actual benefits of what therapy can do. The key is to find someone for you. A therapist should be honest, empathetic, and genuine. A good therapist does not try to fix you, rather supports you, and gives an open forum to explore challenges in a healthy manner. A therapist can give insight and encourage you. Don't you deserve that?

Therapy is an open space for you express yourself, no judgment and no bias. Therapy allows you to explore feelings of self doubt, discuss obstacles in your life and identify goals and strategies towards a healthier well-being. In individual counseling you have the opportunity to meet a therapist you can trust, someone who can listen to only you. It allows time to unwind and center yourself.

So many times we tend to our jobs, our families, our friends, or our expectations of selves. We neglect our mental health, which is the very thing that would help us succeed. Give time to you, make your thoughts and emotions a priority. Therapy is a wonderful resource that can enhance one's lifestyle and thought process. You owe it to yourself to give it a chance.

-Danielle Cromartie-Williams, LPC

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